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              Jackie O'Neil
              Jackie O'Neil '21 is a senior staff writer and the former Managing Editor of the Grind for Volumes 255 and 256. She's a Richmond, Virginia native who loves constitutional history, pretending to be a serious triathlete, waking up at the crack of dawn and Gilmore Girls – in no particular order. Contact her at jroneil 'at' stanford.edu.

              Welcome to Stanford: A note from The Grind

              You’re probably wondering when and where you’re going to find your place here, how you’re going to make this imposing institution the tiniest bit yours, what on Earth you’re going to do now that your parents and the rental car have exited the bubble. I don’t have all the answers. But I’d like to make a suggestion.

              Learning from the past in the present

              On a fictional presidential debate stage, President Bartlet of “The West Wing”?made a bold assertion: “Every once in a while, there’s a day with an absolute right and an absolute wrong. But those days almost always include body counts.” After this past weekend, Virginians like myself can confidently offer up an amendment: even in the…

              21 thoughts football newbies will have at Big Game

              Whether you’ll be making the trek up to Berkeley or escaping the still-questionable air quality at a watch party, the 121st Big Game is upon us. With the pressure of finals on hiatus for one much-anticipated week of break, Saturday’s game is perfectly timed to attract fans of all intensities and levels of knowledge. For some, the game is just one of many opportunities to don body paint and cheer on the Card with routine fervor.

              20 thoughts I had while rolling out new Daily writers

              My phone’s default alarm setting, a muffled trill under my pillow, sounds particularly irritating at 4:30 in the morning. I quickly shut it off, mumbling a quick prayer that my roommate hasn’t been similarly jolted awake in the other half of our two-room double. In the next few minutes I stumble out of bed, clumsily…

              The metamorphosis of my coffee order

              I was born and raised a Frappuccino girl. I entered adolescence at a time when the middle school cultural scene was dominated by poorly plucked eyebrows (often badly drawn back on with muddy eyeshadow), all-purpose outfits consisting of soccer shorts and an inevitably clashing Aeropostale blouse, and egregious overuse of the Clarendon Instagram filter. As…

              By the numbers: My failed resolutions from freshman year

              As anyone who has studied for a PSYCH 70 final can tell you, we tend to regret the things we didn’t do more than we regret all of the embarrassing, guilt-inducing or downright idiotic things that we’ve actually done. Whatever the psychological explanation for this phenomenon, it certainly seems to ring true as I look…

              Things I learned embarrassingly late

              As my first year at Stanford winds down, I’ve started to engage in all the typical nostalgic reminiscing about the last nine months. Looking back on all of my experiences, connections and growth since September, it’s clear that I learned an incredible amount along the way. However, some things took a bit longer than others.…

              How are you? It’s Week Nine.

              Great! Fine. Alright. Tired. Hanging in there. Pretty good. Asking “how are you?” typically yields a short filler response and a quick reciprocation of the question. Outside of Stanford, you can generally expect people to estimate their moods with phrases similar to the above samples. However, here on Campus, students have picked up a new…

              A breakdown of Bay to Breakers

              At 7:03 a.m. on Sunday, I breathe a sigh of relief and turn to face my friend. “Wow, I’m really glad that train ride ended before I had to join the group lap dance.” If this distinct sense of gratitude resonates with you, then you’ve probably experienced Bay to Breakers. Despite the fact that the…

              SoulCycle as a novice

              I pull open one of two towering glass doors and step into the SoulCycle studio at 3:43 p.m., assuming that I will need a few extra minutes to complete my first-timer waivers and to get acclimated to the magnetic cycling machines before my 4 p.m. class. Several tank top-clad girls welcome me at the front…

              What the roommate survey should actually ask

              Every year, two students undertake the enormous task of matching each set of roommates in the incoming freshman class. While the survey used to assess roommate compatibility is certainly thorough, after a year of living in a freshman dorm (chock-full of involuntary roommate pairings of varying levels of success), I’m prepared to suggest a few…

              Types of LinkedIn users

              As posts flooded the Class of 2021 Facebook group in the days after early action decisions were released in 2016, admitted students scrambled to share Twitter handles, Instagram usernames, Snapchat codes and other social media identifiers with soon-to-be-classmates. I scrolled past posts soliciting Xbox gamertags and online chess forum usernames without a second thought, but…

              A guide to vegan food on and around campus

              So you’ve decided to take the plunge. You avoided the influence of Bay Area culture for as long as possible, but you buckled under the allure of soy mint CREAM sandwiches and the prospect of saving the planet, loving the animals, all that jazz. You’re going vegan. Luckily, there aren’t many better places to do…

              Reimagining free time

              Hosting my younger sister on campus for a few days at the end of spring break was meant to give her a better idea of what Stanford is really like, but I’d venture to say that during her visit I learned almost as much about my life at Stanford as she did. Unadjusted to the…

              Spring quarter resolutions

              One of the benefits of the quarter system is that we get a fresh start every 10 weeks. In the spirit of “New Quarter, New Me,” I like to take a few days before each new term begins to think about what I’d like to accomplish during the next go-round. Some of my goals derive…

              Reinventing a village

              They say it takes a village to raise a child. It’s the mantra my parents used to cleverly defer credit when anyone congratulated them on my acceptance to Stanford, and I have to think that for those fortunate enough to have a village around them, it couldn’t be more true. Growing up, my village was…

              Why I won’t do it all

              Halfway through my public policy lecture, I glanced over the shoulder of the student sitting two rows in front of me. Her Google Calendar tab was open, and I felt my eyebrows raise subconsciously as I marveled at the sheer chaos of it. A dozen colors coded different types of activities – class time, clubs,…

              Surviving in the Stanford food desert

              Author’s Note: After reading criticism of this article (and particularly its title), I’ve realized that my failure to achieve the intent of this piece – an entirely satirical examination of campus-wide closings on Sundays, based on real events only in the sense that these closings do occur – hurt members of the Stanford community and…

              Living with a roommate as told by ‘Grace and Frankie screencaps

              Whether you’re accustomed to the luxury of your own room or you’ve been boarding with siblings or peers all your life, sharing a cramped living space in college is sure to throw you some curveballs. Though there’s no lack of literature on the ups and downs of roommate life, it’s possible that Netflix’s (absolutely stellar)…

              An honest cover letter

              Dear Selection Committee, I am writing to apply for the internship position listed on your website for the summer of 2018. I was particularly excited to learn of this opening as it aligns perfectly with a niche area of academic study about which I have just now, serendipitously, decided I am passionate. I have excitedly…

              Jumping in puddles: Optimism on cloudy days

              I shook the water off of my umbrella and stashed it under my desk, plopping onto my bed with?limbs?splayed and eyes closed. It was day two of winter quarter, and I was exhausted. 48 consecutive hours of rainfall coupled with an overloaded “shopping period” schedule meant that by mid-afternoon on Tuesday, I wanted to do…
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